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EasyCred is a series owned by Inloan Capital based in Warsaw. The lender gives the possibility of obtaining a quick non-bank loan with a short repayment period. Thanks to clear and transparent rules, the procedure for applying for additional money is very simple. The experienced staff can help. It grants loans to people without a credit history at BIK. All you have to do is prove your solvency and confirm your details. At EasyCred, we can count on the highest quality of services as well as security and transparency.

EasyCred company’s offer

EasyCred company

PLN 10,000 for 12 months – loan terms

PLN 10,000 for 12 months - loan terms

Applying for a quick loan at EasyCred is very easy. However, it should be remembered that the lender has indicated the conditions that the future borrower should meet. The most important of them include:

  • the right age – borrowers at EasyCred can become people from the age of 21;
  • creditworthiness – it will be checked on the basis of data contained in debtors’ registers;
  • financial history in BIK – the lack of it does not mean rejection of the application. However, it is worth ensuring to show the lender that we were able to repay another obligation earlier;
  • bank account number – you will need it to verify your identity and withdraw money from the loan;
  • consumer status as defined by law;
  • total legal capacity;
  • Polish citizenship with a permanent address in Poland;
  • valid ID card, active phone number, and email address;
  • no arrears towards EasyCred

Application and loan repayment in EasyCred

Application and loan repayment in

To apply for a loan on EasyCred, go to the lender’s website and complete a special form. Before sending it, we should check that the information we provide is true. After receiving our application, the lender will analyze it and also check our creditworthiness considering data contained in the registers of debtors. If he has no objections to them, we will be required to confirm our identity. We will do this by sending a transfer of PLN 1 to the lender’s account. At the final stage, a loan will be paid to us.

How can we pay it back? All you have to do is transfer to an individual account in the loan agreement or repayment schedule. We should remember that if we have a problem with timely debt settlement, we should contact the lender immediately. It will help us find the right solution.

EasyCred – advantages

EasyCred - advantages

  • loan application completely online;
  • high liability amount – up to PLN 10,000;
  • long loan period – 12 months;
  • simple and transparent application process;
  • real offer based on creditworthiness;
  • loan from 21 years old;
  • loan granted for any purpose;
  • no obligation to have a girrant;
  • no obligation to have a history in BIK.


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