Being Negative Can Ask For Credit and Financing

Who is negativado has problems with credit?


Yes and no. Having the name denied or “being with a dirty name”, the better known term, generally prevents credit in banks, financial institutions and institutions that make the CPF restriction verification query in the protection agencies. If the consumer has his name registered, he will have great difficulty in obtaining some credit options available in the market.

In traditional private credit companies, applying for a loan, making financing or even applying for a credit card, the chances of having these approvals are 1%. This is because banks and financial institutions do the credit analysis considering this type of criterion as a preponderant factor.

Being negative means that a borrower has a debt that has not been paid over the repayment term and the lender has sent the name of the borrower to the defaulter register. We can say that being negative also means that the person is a “bad payer”.

Being denied how to query the dirty name?


To make the free consultation to Serasa to know if this with the negative name is easy. Each type of registration must be verified at the corresponding body: you can check in Boa Vista, Serasa Experian, SPC Brasil, CCF and the 10 registry offices, in addition to these there are still municipal, state and federal denials.

So, to be able to see where you are with problems with negatives, first go to Serasa to access the credit report, which will contain practically all registrations related to your CPF (name).

How to clear my name?

How to clear my name?

If you have already repaid the debt with the company in which you had the debt, it must remove your name from the credit protection agencies within 5 business days. If you still have the dirty name, follow the following script to clear your name:

☛ Clear name without leaving home
☛ Clean Name – Serasa site to clean dirty name
☛ Why clear your name from SPC, SCPC and Serasa?
☛ Why Clear Name and How to Consult CPF at SPC Brazil
☛ Still unable to clear the name of SPC and Serasa

Who makes a loan to negatives in Brazil?


Who makes a loan to negatives in Brazil?


Several websites make the offer of loan to negativados. For companies that can not borrow from the traditional banking and financial networks to borrow money, there are many credit markets for companies that release credit online.

Platforms such as Credisfera, Crefisa Digital, Simplic, Moneyman and   Mutual offers the mode for negatives. Besides these you can very well make your loan in Good for Credit, Lendico, Geru, Losango, Bv Finance, EasyCredito, Creditas, Finanzero, Noverde, Just Online among others.

But the sites that operate as marketplaces of lending (p2p lending), make the connection between borrowers and investors directly by eliminating the presence of banks: Biva, the largest supplier of loans for peer-to-peer companies, to Nexoos that is making the obtaining credit in the country easier even with the crisis using investor capital.


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